10,000 miles on the road without a hitch, and ppfffttt, a nail in a tire strands us in our driveway as we set off to pick up Vino from Ted Hoff's home for wayward dogs. Sigh. Likely means another night without the big guy, and sheesh, is it quiet here without him.

In the meantime, lots to do. Regroup with the A Team here, Amanda and Nancy, who have supported us on our amazing journey (6 for 6 on the first of 10 runs for Kelly on race2walk2016), and get a plan for fundraising going.

If you are reading this, make not only my day, but the day for all the folks and clients of the Bridging Bionics Foundation, by making a donation to help us purchase an exoskeleton.

Just go to race2walk2016.com and hit the donate button.

We’ll all get moving soon.