7:05.76. One for One in Rome

This is the 1,914th consecutive day that I have run and it was as fulfilling as the previous 1,913 combined.

The first race of “The Running Decathlon,” the Mile at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, was an imposing opening. And I crushed it.

My 7:05.76 was more than 20 seconds better than what I needed to reach the “half as fast” goal I had set in my Quest to run “twice the time” of Hicham El Guerrouj when he set the world record. On the same track, literally in the footsteps of where Guerrouj set the record, I ran the fastest mile of, well, my life.

I am off to catch a train and will post more later, but I must acknowledge the entire crew from the Stadio Olimpico who helped make this possible. From Andrea Santini to Tommaso Sagramola, and my “rabbit” Gabriele Pattumelli, who dragged me around the track, the Roma contingent could not have been more hospitable.

Now is the time to make a donation to the Bridging Bionics Foundation and help us further the Quest to raise the funds for a Bionic Suit. Mille Grazie to the Kitchen-Kovachs and the Cheezelady and the Poetess and the Frequent Flyer and others (you know who you are) for their generous support.

Next week: The 1500.