Feats don't fail me now.

Feats don't fail me now.

It has not been that long (just two months) since I decided I would create my own “event” and try to complete “THE RUNNING DECATHLON,” a concept that I conceived out of thin air.

The beauty of “The Running Decathlon” is that the only rules, the only expectations, the only things that I have to do, are determined ... by me. I am the Roger Goodell, the Thomas Bach, the…who is the new FIFA guy? (Gianni Infantino), of my own event. I set the dates. I set the venues. I set the ultimate goals for what is and what is not permitted.

Of course, I do have an ultimate goal of raising enough money through “The Running Decathlon” platform to purchase a Bionic Suit exoskeleton for the Bridging Bionics Foundation this year. And I do not mean to suggest that I will not be determined and disciplined in my endeavor to complete all 10 races in my stated “Half as Fast or in Twice the Time” as the current records. And I will do all that is within my power to run the races in the footsteps of the fastest men on earth.

But, damn it, I will enjoy it. This is a personal quest and to get bogged down in the details is not the point. The point is … to do something. To live life. To be independent. And to hopefully achieve something that is healthy for me, my family, my friends, and those who will one day avail themselves of the benefits of the Bionic Suit.

As my wife and I head out today on our trip (self-funded) to run these races, I vow to have a great time and revel in the experience. I love to run and consider myself fortunate to be able to so. So no apologies. I will do the best I can and hope to complete the Quest. On my terms.

Happy Independence Day.