The folks who make the AETHER clothing that I am fortunate enough to be wearing on my European running adventure are globetrotters themselves. Read their posts on the site or the extraordinary AETHER journal, where they detail their 52 Hike Challenge and their moto trips through the Canyons of Malibu (one of which I grew up in). There you can get a feel for the spirit of adventure that is their driving ethos.

That noted, I believe I am correct in saying that AETHER clothes had never before been on the track in the Stadio Olimpico in Rome until I wore them on my Mile and 1500m runs this month as part of The Running Decathlon. This is the stadium that hosted the 1960 Olympic Games, which featured such stars as Cassius Clay, Wilma Rudolph and Rafer Johnson. It is the place that goes absolutely crazy when the AS Roma and Lazio Football Clubs take the turf. And it is one of Europe’s epic stadiums.

On the day of my run, the only logo in the pristine Stadio Olimpico was the subtle “A” on the back of my AETHER shirt.

I wore it proudly.