RUN SCHEDULE 6/24/2016

The quest to complete “The Running Decathlon” and raise funds for the purchase of the Bionic Suit has daily twists, turns and adventures.

Today was a great day as the call came from Rome confirming that we will be able to run the mile and the 1500m in the Stadio Olimpico, site of Hicham El Guerrouj’s world record runs.  

The Rome Stadio Olimpico

The Rome Stadio Olimpico

The schedule for completing the events is fluid based on stadium availability, funding, travel schedules, etc. But, as of today, June 24th, this is the schedule for the completion of each event. These dates could change and it is possible that due to stadium avails that I may have to run adjacent to the stadiums rather than in them.

But my goal is to run each event on these dates in the footsteps of champions.

To support our cause please make a donation at the Pay Pal Button on this site. 100% of all donations made on the website will go directly toward the purchase of Bionic Suits.

With your help, people will walk.

 RUN SCHEDULE 6/24/2016

July 7, 2016                          Stadio Olimpico,   ROME                   Mile    

July 14, 2016                        Stadio Olimpico,  ROME                    1500m

July 29, 2016                        FBK Stadium,  HENGELO                  5000m

August 2, 2016                     King Baudouin Stad., BRUSSELS      100000

August 5, 2016                     Olympiastadion , BERLIN                  100m

August 5, 2016                     Olympiastadion , BERLIN                 200m

August 8, 2016                     Olympic Stadium, LONDON              800m

                                                SPRING 2017

TBD                            SEVILLE                      400m

TBD                            LISBON                       Half- Marathon

TBD                            BERLIN                       MARATHON